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Kendama is a toy that originated in Japan and has spread throughout the world. It involves a handle ("Ken" in Japanese) and ball ("Tama" in Japanese), and the simple objective is to place the ball on one of the three cups or on the spike. What started off as a toy has become an international sport, with Kendama tournaments now frequently broadcasted live for its huge following.

The people at RAW Rolling Papers have teamed up with the podcast team at No Jumper to create their very own Kendama with a beautiful aesthetic design. Kendema lovers everywhere will surely flock to get their hands on this product! 


Key Features: 

  • Toke hole
  • Taller & thicker spike (4mm increase)
  • Bigger cups for added balance
  • Wider bevel for dialing stalls
  • Improved lunar balance hole
  • Extra long cut-to-size string (71cm)
  • Maple Ken Beech Tama 
  • Extra string and bearing included